Curtain Winching System : Big Pulley

Description :

Dhumals winches are made from the best quality mild steel and are powder coated to prevent it from rusting .The Winches are provided with a unique locking system so that the curtain can be winched to the desired height. The other accessories required for Dhumals winching system are small and big pulleys which are made from M.S. with nickel coating on which the 3 mm dia. and 5 mm dia. wire rope runs respectivly. With the help of "J" hooks both the pulleys are fited.25mm dia M.S. pipe runs through the length of the curtain. The capacity of Dhumals winch is around 200 feet to raise and lower the curtain.

Installation :

For a shed size of 200 X 30 two winches are required on each open side, four big pulley are to be welded with the help of "J" hooks at the two ends and small pulley are to be welded at every 10-12 feet on the overhang. The 5mm dia. wire rope is to be carried from big pully to the other end and has to be the curtain itself. With the help of "U" clamp 3mm wire is fitted to the 5 mm wire rope and the other end is to be tied to the curtain.



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