Breeder Drinker

Breeder drinker provides adequate water for breeders. Adjust drinkers to proper drinking height by keeping drinker a little higher than bird's neck. Integral bell makes the drinker sturdy for breeders.

Description :

Breeder drinker gives Years and years of trouble free operation which is why most integrated companies specify only the Dhumal Breeder Drinker and have chosen to make it to the "Standard of the Industry." The Dhumal Breeder Drinker is self-cleaning, keeps the litter dry, has no drains and medications is easily distributed. The Drinker Bell is made of smooth, high impact polypropylene which allows no pitting ,rust, corrosion, or bacteria build up.

Capacity :

50 Breeders

Dimension :

365 mm Dia. Circumference of Outer Lip 110 cm (44")

Installation :

Water is supplied in a low pressure system maximum 3.5 meters water height from a water tank via plastic 20mm pipe to drinkers. Generally a separate tank is designed for 200-500 liters capacity and is provided for each poultry shed.

This is also effectively used for distribution of Medications. 20mm Tee is provided on the pipe line where Drinkers is needed. Give extension as shown in the diagram and provide 1/2" Female adapter. This is essential for reducing damage from rats to soft PVC Hose. Clean female adapter by giving inside taper at the edge to prevent damage to "O" ring. The connector nipple is supplied with the drinker. The pipe line is fixed to truss.
The Drinkers are suspended by the cord provided, directly from the top.


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