Complete EC House

Need for Automation

At Dhumal, it is our endeavor to come out with modern & technologically advanced solutions to help the farmer grow quality chicken at high productivity and profits. with years of innovation & development, we offer you the most comprehensive automotion package-E.C. houses complete with consultation, products and installation services Poultry Automation is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labor availability and increase in labor costs.Dhumal products are designed especially for the indian market and are built to last for years of quality searvices.

Auto Feeding System

Ezypan Easy access feeding system for Poultry birds.


  • The only pan in the world that can change its diameter as well as its height as the birds grow. 2 pans in 1 feeder.
  • Feed level is adjusted automatically by central winch.
  • Chicks get easy access to feed but stay out of the pan. Hence No wastage.

Watering System

Dhumals expertise in watering systems ensures optimum results even in extreme climates.


  • Easy side action from day one to maturity.
  • Strong and sturdy Conduit system.
  • Dry litter.
  • Central height adjustment.
  • No bacteria transmission.
  • Greater floor space.
  • Self-Cleaning. Saves labor in comparison to bell drinkers.
  • When airspeed is proper, nipples outperform bell drinkers.



  • Available in 7, 9, 11, 14 and 17 tons capacity.
  • 90 mm fill system for fast filling of silos.


  • Increased feed storage capacity.
  • Zero feed contamination.
  • Bag less operation.
  • Stops wastage of feed.

Advantages of Gas Brooders

  • Works on infrared radiations
  • Power can be adjusted progressively from 10% to 100%
  • Less mortality and healthy uniform growth of birds available in two models of 750 & 1500 birds
  • max. gas consumption of 360 gm/hr


Ventilation & Controllers

  • 50 inch fans ensure proper air exchange in the house and handle high air volumes even at high static pressure.
  • Controllers are user friendly and the target temperature and humidity are achieved with minimum use of fans and cooling system.
  • Electrical panel designed for Indian conditions.
Climate Control System
Cooling Pad


One stop solution for all your poultry needs…

Why go in for an E.C. House?

  • More bird capacity in less space.
  • Optimized bird performance.
  • Increased FCR & Labor saving.

How big can I make the houses?

  • Negative pressure tunnel ventilated houses are more simple and economically viable.
  • Capacity of marketing the birds
  • Shed width should be such that optimum use of Nipples and Feeders is taken.

When to go for E.C. Houses?

  • Extreme climatic conditions.
  • Very hot summers (35 degrees plus), very cold winters (5 degrees).
  • High fluctuations in day & night time temperatures.
  • Insufficient natural ventilation in high humid conditions.

Planning your E.C. House?

  • Paying Attention to design pays off.
  • Factors to be taken into consideration.
  • Liquidating the flock in maximum 3 days is also a limiting factor.
  • Energy costs.
  • Electrical connections & easy maintenance.
  • Determination of feed & nipple lines
  • Max. live weight per sq. ft.
  • Air flow & Air speed.

Advantages of E.C. House

  • Heavier, healthier birds.
  • Improved feed conversion.
  • Reduced mortality.
  • Faster growing cycle.
  • Significant labor savings and overall higher returns.
  • Optimum operating cost.

[Note: Electricity should be available and back-up generator systems are must.]

Maximizing bird performance is a combination of many factors. For a custom designed solution to suit your specific needs, please contact us at


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