Gray Nipple With Tray

Description :

If you prefer the advantages provided by enclosed overhead watering systems, the Nipple Drinker System is for you. The Nipple Drinker System is the answer to your watering needs from day one to maturity. Tentative pin movement does not affect the counterweight so that even day-old chicks can activate the nipple. With all the benefits of this type of system-particularly drier floors and healthier birds the Nipple Drinker System gives you optimum performance. Made of only five parts, just two of them moving, the all-stainless-steel valve construction is virtually maintenance-free and is easily installed. The nipple also provides excellent feed conversion, a 360 degree range of activation as well as unrestricted bird movement.

Capacity :

Broiler Parents - 8 - 10 Birds per Nipple

Installation :

Line must be level. Maximum permitted drop of line without using Pressure Breaker:15cm.

Breeder Range

Ruggedness to withstand Aggressive Breeders
Dhumal superior Nipple system consists of GI round pipe supporting the PVC water pipe making the strong and sturdy system withstand the ravage aggressiveness of the active breeders and pullets for many years.

Easy Side Action for Day Old Chicks
The nipples with side action respond at any angels ensuring water even at the slightest touch. Even day old chicks, at the most critical stage of their growth, can easily activate the nipple.


Every Nipple Quality Tested And Tried
Dhumal is known throughout the industry for its quality systems. Dhumal attention towards R & D, trained people and the use of the highest quality materials have made the products standard of the industry and a promise for optimum performance.


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