Tunnel EC House

EC House

Poultry automation is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labor availability and increase in labor costs. Dhumal products are designed specially for Indian market and are built to last for years of quality services.

Complete EC house solutions

We provide complete EC House solutions

Strong and Optimally Designed Structure

  • Primary and Secondary members made out of high strength steel.
  • Roofing and Cladding sheets: SuperRoof
  • InsulationTwo option Available
    1) Alluminium Silver Premium Insullation 2) Rockwool and Insullation
  • Side walls: Metal walls with sandwich arrangement. We use Rockwool insulation between two metal sheets.
  • Liner Panel : These are metal sheets which are installed just below the trusses and screwed to it. They play important part in reducing the effective volume of the house which inturn reduces usage of fans reducing the operating cost.
  • Doors and Windows : Specially designed Single / Double doors and Emergency windows also have sandwich arrangement. Emergency windows prove extremely helpful and important in case of power failure for longer duration. All windows on one side of the house can be opened at the same time with the help of single winch.


Automatic Feeding System with Silo

Dhumal's Ezypan is the only feeder pan in the world which can adjust its height as well as diameter according to age of the bird. We also offer Silos with different storage capacities. It offers unique advantages such as usage from day one, Best FCR, Stimulating Feed Consumption and Simple & Easy Cleaning

Automatic Nipple Watering System

We offer wide range of nipple systems which are customized to meet the demands of the sub-continent, with special expertise in hot climates. It offers unique advantages such as Easy side action, Riggedness, Fewer Contamination, Reduced Mortality and Improved feed conversion which result in Heavier and Healthier birds.

Climate Control

In Environment Control System, we take care of Ventilation & Temperature Control

  • Ventilation : We provide different fans to ensure proper air exchange in the house and handle high air volumes even at high static prssure.
  • Cooling Pads : We offer special cooling pads with gutter system. These pads have black coating for enhanced longevity. We specially design the customized cooling system for each house by considering geographic location, temperature range and variations, house capacity and size, etc.
  • Controllers and Communicators : We offer different options in controllers Smart, EC2000, Platinum Plus, Platinum Junior. Communicator enables to control activities on farm from different locations.



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