Ezy Pan Feeding System

Description :

The Ezypan Feeding System feeding system with centralized feed level adjustment represents a major technological innovation. This helps in minimizing feed waste, labour and helps maintain excellent hygienic conditions for the birds.

This Ezypan Feeding System has been designed to : Feed day old chicks without the need for supplementary feeders. This is because of formation of a plentiful cone of feed and a pan with height of only 7.5 cm. Day old chick can eat easily.
To teach chicks to feed from outside the pan. This is because of feed retaining arches which from day 3 onwards prevents the chicks from getting into the pan. This prevents the feed from contamination and caking.

This Ezypan Feeding System uses a winch which changes the plentiful supply of feeds for young chicks to controlled feeding for the remainder of growing period. This is done with only one movement for the entire line. The specially designed retaining arches encourages the birds to feed from the centre of pan, preventing them from pushing the feed towards the rim, a vital consideration in prevention of feed wastage.
The feed level can be easily changed using regulator ring which offers 3 setting options, and a final precaution, a 4 mm waste lip inside the rim of the pan prevents any actual spillage of feed.

Advantages :

  • Lower the pan on ground. Pan opens up for Chicks
  • Prevents chicks from entering the pan.
  • No droppings, avoids cross-contamination.
  • Easy access : Smaller Diameter and low Height of the pan allows the chicks to reach the entry point of the feed. Stimulates Natural Instinct of the birds, enhances consumption of Feed in the First week.
  • Feed level in the pan adjust automatically from 45 mm in chicks stages to the preset level as you raise the feeder.
  • Drop upper pan for big birds.
  • Manual adjustment of the pan: Manual setting of the regulator at I,II,III levels depending upon the feed, required only once in the beginning. Just lift the regulator, turn & drop.
  • Bigger dia and Height for Growing days - No Wastage.

Capacity :

50/60 Broilers

Specification Distribution Line Feed Line D-90
Pipe outside Diameter (mm) 44.45 90
Pipe Section Length (meter) 4.5 3
Maximum Line Length (m) 120 45
Motor Power (HP) 0.75 or 1.0 1
Auger Diameter (mm) 36 71
Transportation Capacity (Kg/hr) 450-600 3000
Feeder Pan
Chick Stage (0-20 Days)
Growing Stage (21-Finish)
Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
300 54
340 84




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