Gas Control Panel

Description :

In a poultry farm chicks require 85°F-90°F or 30°C-32°C temperature. Using Traditional methods like bulb or coal, insufficient and uneven heat was generated which resulted in mortality and poor growth. To eliminate these problems DHUMAL INDUSTRIES proudly presents Gas brooder imported from KROMSCHROEDER - SPAIN. The specialty of this brooder is that it has two metal surfaces, formed by two concentric cones i.e. 2 heaters in one. Small cone gives less heat & the Big cone gives more heat.

Once the temperature inside the shed is maintained the small cone can be kept on (gas consumption is only 10%). Thermo electric security valve is present in the brooder that avoids excessive gas coming of the brooder (Hot safety) or if the flame in the brooder extinguishes the gas supply is immediately cut off (Cold safety). High quality burner increases the life of the brooder. The brooder can be washed with water under pressure. In Infraconic gas brooding the infrared rays coming out from the brooder, increases the body temperature of the birds by 1° thereby increasing the resistance power and inducing healthy growth. In gas brooding heat is evenly distributed and so there is no crowding under the brooder. For maximum comfort of the chicks the temperature of brooders can be controlled by : - Manually by adjusting pressure regulator. - Control Panel, Centralized system, automatic.


Dimension :

Model* Hp Consumption
Power Kw Recommended No. of Birds Dia Mm Weight Kg Control Panel
  Min MAX Min MAX Mini Big
1500 12 105 0.16 1.45 750 290 0.75 24 Nos. 40 Nos.
5000 40 360 0.55 5.00 1250 425 2.50 12 Nos. 22 Nos.

* Working Pressure is from 20 to 1400 mbar

* Works on LPG Gas

Capacity :

1500 Chicks

Installation :



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