Humy Pads

Description :

When air is moved by a ventilation, system goes through a wet cooling pad, the air humidity increases. The energy that is lost in the evaporation of the water results in reduction of air temperature. Evaporative cooling is a natural process and is used throughout the world for following reasons :

  • High Temperature Reduction
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Low Purchasing and Installation Cost
  • Good performance even in areas where water quality is poor
  • Low maintenance cost

The Humypad cooling pad is made of high water retaining cellulose engineered to provide the maximum water to air mixture at the lowest possible pressure drop. Cellulose retains more water per unit volume. The humypad is made from pure cellulose only. The humypad cellulose stiffening resins are not toxic when put in contact with water.

The Gutter system is a corrosion resistance system. Gutter components are easily connected through use of self tapping screws and silicons. It directs water through the entire pad eliminating the need for high pressure pumps. The distribution pad and system has been designed to prevent clogging and ensure an even flow of water over the entire pad.

Dimension :

Height x Width : 6.5 ft x 100 mm


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