“Dhumal” Poultry Flooring System

Description :

Dhumal Poultry Flooring systems are designed to international standards from high quality plastic. They provide cleaner and healthier environment, reduce risk of bird injury and disease, permits higher yield, ease of use, maintenance and tough durability. They are an ideal to wooden Slatts and metallic wire nettings.

Salient Features:

  • Hygienic – easy to clean, inhabits bacterial growth and fully corrosion resistant.
  • Birds safe – reduces breast blistering, leg problems and litter related diseases.
  • Ventilation - + 5% open area permits excellent Manure filtration with minimum buit up and increases ventilation which can accommodate more birds per sq. ft.
  • For broiler Breeders area required will be 2.25 sq. ft. per bird
  • During matting time, the hen’s footing is completely secure regardless of the weight or vigour of rooster.
  • Easy to install and high durability.
  • Litter expenses and maintenance is almost reduced.

Installation :

The 15” X 30” plastic slats are light weight and handy. The can be fitted with 1” X 1” and 1.1/4” X 1.1/4” angle. The side walls should have windows to insure proper ventilation, needed for quick manure drying. After the cycle is over, the slats can be taken out at a few places and manure can be removed easily. Alternatively, the shed can be raised one, with the floor raised to about 6ft to 7ft., where the difference between Slatt and deep litter is about one foot.
Generally, 2/3rd slats and 1/3rd deep litter are kept in the poultry shed. Jumbo Drinkers & Feeders are on the Slatts. The Slatts are strong enough even for labour to walk on the same. Nest boxes are hung as shown in the diagram.


Material Polypropylene Stabilised Polypropylene Stabilised
Size 15" X 30" 11" X 16"
Opening 1" X 1" 3/4" X 3"
Area 3.125 sq.ft. 1.2 sq.ft.
Quantity 20 Nos.per pack 50 Nos.per pack
One Pack 19.6 Kgs.Approx
3.65 CFT
21 Kgs.Approx
2.8 CFT
Guarantee 1 Year unconditional 1 Year unconditional



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