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For over three & half decades, Dhumal continues to be one of the largest and most trusted poultry equipment companies in India and enjoys a lion's share in installation of durable, sturdy and quality poultry equipment. At Dhumal, innovation is at the heart of our core values and it is our endeavor to come up with technologically advanced products for the benefit of the farmers. Our product offering consists of a wide range of watering, feeding, and climate control systems designed from semi-automatic to fully automatic functioning to suit your particular requirements.

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Dhumal EC Houses

Tunnel EC House

Poultry automation is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labor availability and increase in labor costs. Dhumal products are designed specially for Indian market and are built to...
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Semi EC House

Pre-painted GI sheet roofing with overhang,Aluminum foil insulation, Steel trusses with double paint coats with primer, easy to fit and erect with bolt and nuts,structure designed for 120 km/hr...
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Eco Struct

Advancement in poultry genetics has led to shorter bird growing cycle.A different style of bird management is needed to manage the highly productive birds,which produce more body heat.
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EC Knowledge Center

Conversation Chart, Dead Zones in Poultry House, Nipple System Cleaning Recommendations, Psychometric Chart, Water Needed For Cooling Pad, Wind Chill Effect for Download
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