Watering System

Advantages :

  • Right from the day one to maturity, height can be adjusted according to age;
  • Constant water level and fully adjustable to suit needs of chicks & growers;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Self-cleaning, dry litter;
  • Constant flow of fresh, clean water round the clock.

Installation Pipe System :

Water is supplied in a low pressure system maximum 3.5 meters water height from a water tank via plastic 20mm pipe to drinkers. Generally a separate tank is designed for 200-500 litters capacity and is provided for each poultry shed.

This is also effectively used for distribution of Medications. 20mm Tee is provided on the pipe line where Drinkers is needed. Give extension as shown in the diagram and provide 1/2" Female adapter. This is essential for reducing damage from rats to soft PVC Hose. Clean female adapter by giving inside taper at the edge to prevent damage to "O" ring. The connector nipple is supplied with the drinker. The pipe line is fixed to truss. The Drinkers are suspended by the cord provided, directly from the top.

Technical Data:

Model Diameter Trough Drinking Capacity
Compact ARD 301 mm 45 mm 50 Growers, 50 Chicks
Jumbo 340 mm 55 mm 50 Broilers, 50 Breeders
Broiler 365 mm 36 mm 50 Broilers
Breeder 365 mm 40 mm 50 Breeders
Compact Jumbo 360 mm 43 mm 50 Breeders
Water Pressure : Max 12 PSI
Water Level : 10 to 20 trough


There is one more thing we feel we should mention. Our drinkers are often imitated, but can never be equaled. When you buy original drinker system, you’re buying quality, longevity, reliability and cost – effectiveness as well as dependable backing. Every drinker is supported by our dealer network.