The Dhumal Solution

For breeders we offer a wide range of solutions depending on needs of the farmer.

Broiler Breeders require a very specific housing and feeding systems as generally these birds determined to gain weight instead of producing many eggs. Thus, the following housing equipment, its position, concepts are crucial for the successful production of hatching eggs:

  • Correct feeding concept;
  • Easy access to nests;
  • Enough space to move around;
  • Correct height of the manure pit;
  • Short rolling-off distances and gentle transport of the eggs;
  • High-quality materials.

EC house with tunnel ventilation solutions

"Poultry automation is the need of the hour with constant decrease in labour availability and increase in labour costs. Dhumal products are designed and built to last for years of quality services. We offer fully closed Tunnel EC houses in different size options and shapes of the roof according to your needs. We also take into consideration the method of growing your birds - deep litter with slatt, California cages or cages batteries."

Open house solutions

"Open house is a more available option of the chick house in terms of costs. For the open house we offer evaporative cooling system which is very effective to reduce heat stress and it can drop the temperature inside a poultry shed by 7 to 8 C."