Dhumal Poultry Packages

Dhumal Poultry Packages

Helping you grow Quality Chicken Efficiently

Advancement in poultry genetics has led to shorter bird growing cycle. A different style of bird management is needed to manage thehighly productive birds, which produce more body heat. It is very important to have a proper balance between bird heat and poultry house heat dissipation capacity to maintain birds in thermo neutral zone. This will help to realize the true genetic potential of the bird and reduce mortality. Effective climate control in order to maintain optimal temperature in the house has become a necessity now.Dhumal Industries is proud to introduce its Ready-to-Grow solutions, our Turnkey Poultry Packages standardized yet tailored to meet your individual farming requirements. We have designed options for 3 kinds of birds

It is impossible to grow healthy chicks in a bad climate, and it is impossible to have a good climate in a badly built shed.

With bio security becoming the foremost primary concern, a number of security measures are being taken to improve farmsecurity and bird welfare, comfort and maintaining a clean house area. Proactive poultry farmers realize the importance of food safety& are investing in hygienic & clean poultry production practices

Dhumal Industries, the pioneer manufacturer of quality poultry products for more than 35 years, have packaged the perfect solutionsto optimize bird performance and achieve high productivity. Dhumal's Turnkey Poultry Package offers innovative, economical andtechnologically advanced products to give you an edge over your competition.

Dhumal in-depth knowledge & experience of more than 35 years enable us to execute complex turnkey solutions for your business, which includes all the range of works from planning and projecting to manufacturing, installation and post installation services. Thereare two very important factors to grow a healthy and productive population of birds: housing and climate control. These factors standby and do not exist separately.